podcast: think wedding business


“We specialise in the sensational” is the tagline for backdrop/prop providers Ollie & Suzy Pearson, owners of The Word is Love & Wildfire Neon. Starting with simple 'love letters' they have evolved their offerings into so much more and now serve over 400 weddings a year. It’s that innovation and hunger to always be evolving that has kept them thriving for 10+ years in the industry, when so many others have come and gone; and that is exactly what we discuss in this episode, staying ahead of trends and staying in the game. 


how to let your partner know you're ready for forever?

Our Happily ever after, to the moon and back,and It was always you neon it PERFECT for the top of the aisle, it’s romantic, personal to you, and the images are beautiful, just think how wowed guests will be when they are waiting for you to arrive to see and smile at the signage.